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Javascript build using node.js

When coding in Javascript while using SublimeText, it’s handy to have a test console.

Usually this would be done in Dev Tools’ console, but you can also create a simple Node.js build system and get results without having to leave Sublime.

Node.js (Node) is a platform built to allow Javascript to run on a server. You can also install it on your computer, as a simple way to run Javascript locally.

Let’s get ready

  1. You will need to have Node installed, if you don’t simply head over to their website and run it using the default settings.

  2. Go to “Tools ➜ Build System ➜ New Build System” in the menu bar. Paste this replacing everything in the new tab that has opened:

{ "cmd": ["node", "$file"], "selector": "source.js" }

  1. Save this file as “node.sublime-build” in the default “user” folder. Your build system is ready!


  1. Open a Javascript file you would like to run in Sublime.

  2. Go to “Tools ➜ Build System” in the menu bar and select “node”, the build system that you’ve just created.

  3. Go to “Tools ➜ Build” in the menu bar to build the Javascript file, or use the shortcut (^ Ctrl+B for Windows, and ⌘ Command+B for Mac). A console will show in a pane at the bottom, with the result of your Javascript!


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